Wild Soul Soap Company: So why did I start? First out of necessity, and then to learn how to roar again.

This is the first post in our shopping local series. Shopping local puts money back into our community, protects local jobs, and preserves our communities character. 

I first ran into Ayla from the Wild Soul Soap Company at a Market last spring. I instantly fell in love with her products. Her products are all natural with limitless options on scents. Though she’s only been in business for a little over a year and a half, her business has taken off!

I recently got the opportunity to try two of her Bubble Bars, Lime and Yuzu Orange. Not only did the products smell fantastic but they are some of the best bath products I’ve tried. Unlike many companies, I only needed a small amount of these bubble bars to create a luscious bubble bath. Not only that, but my skin felt amazing after.


I had the chance to sit down with Ayla and talk about her life as an entrepreneur, mom, and bath addict.



Why did you start Wild Soul Soap Company?

I used to be a Lush addict! I would happily toss half of my paycheck into that company and not even bat an eye. Then I birthed my daughter, and the first time I decided to do something for myself and buy some bombs and bubbles, the price really struck me! The gears started turning and a little voice kept whispering ‘you could make these, why not try?’, I followed that little nudging voice eventually and ended up with a pile of sludge with my first batch! Some of which is still stuck to my bookcase. Ah, memories! From that moment forward it’s been an amazing path of not just product and recipe discovery, but an amazing path of self discovery and learning to trust myself again. So why did I start? First out of necessity, and then to learn how to roar again.

What is the best part about running your business?

It’s all my time, my inspiration, my ideas, my presence. I answer to myself and my clients, and it’s so liberating! I don’t have to give my child to strangers so that I can go work under someone, she in fact often works along side me pretending to craft her own!

Tell me a little bit more about how your products are made

All of our products are made from locally sourced, ethical ingredients. The ingredients are gentle and fun, all natural(colouring is dyes, options for plain or naturally coloured): Sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, slsa, coco betaine, glycerin, fragrance and essential oils, colours and fun!

We make all our products in my home.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! I love to work with clients to create custom products. They are great for everything from ‘Thank You gifts’ to kids goodie bags to wedding favours, the options are pretty limitless!


Facebook: @wildsoulsoap

Instagram: @wildsoulsoap

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