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I first met Harleen when I worked with her on her website, labels, and photography. We instantly clicked on the vision of where she wanted the company to go. She imagined clean simple lines, black and gold elegance, and an easy to navigate, classy website.

From working together we’ve grown to be great friends. From being able to bounce ideas off each other to ranting about the life of being an entrepreneur, we’ve been able to help each other grow through support.


We sat down to talk about her products and her business:

How long has Luxurious Bath & Relaxation Inc. been in business for?


Our concept and business ideas were in the works for quite some time before we decided to proceed with our business plan. We officially launched our business in January 2017. However, even though we are a fairly new business, it has taken off faster than we anticipated!


Where are the products made?


Our products are made in our own home kitchen, with high standards of cleanliness and safety precautions. We test all of our products on ourselves, and our family members, to ensure they meet the highest standards. If it doesn’t get approved by our toughest critics, it’s back to the drawing board and our kitchen!


So, How did you get into this to begin with?


We started our company out of a personal need for natural skin care products, as we didn’t find anything that met our needs. I [Harleen] personally struggle with primarily oily skin and feel like I have tried almost every product under the sun and nothing worked as well as it had promised to. We figured that if we weren’t finding products that worked for us, there might be others in the same boat!

Though we primarily want to focus on meeting our skin care needs, we also wanted to create something that was elegant and had a luxurious feel. We found that many of the products available had a more rustic look, were expensive, didn’t address our skin care needs, or a combination of these; this was something that didn’t really appeal to us as consumers. So after much research, trial and error, we decided to take a leap and see if others might be interested in the products we had to offer. Needless to say, there was much interest in our concept and our products, so here we are! [Laughs]

Are your ingredients sourced locally?


We do our best to source our ingredients locally, wherever possible. Some of the clays we use are actually from the coast of Vancouver Island and some of our essential oils and flowers are from local farms.


What’s the best part about being an entrepreneur?

The best part about being an entrepreneur has to be the abundance of creativity, networking, and flexibility. We are both full time working professionals, so it can definitely be difficult to balance our careers and our business, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything! Being entrepreneurs challenges us in ways we wouldn’t normally be challenged. It also brings out our courageous and adventurous side, which isn’t something we get to experience in our fulltime careers! There’s always something to inspire us and keep us on our toes, which keeps us moving forward and allows us to create new products for our clients.

I’ve had the chance to try a lot of your products. You do everything from lip care, to candles. What’s your favourite?

The Luxuriously Nourished Body Butter! Where do we start with this product?! It’s a rich, lightweight, whipped moisturizer that just melts on your skin as soon as it makes contact – a little goes a long way.


Also, the scents you’ve chosen for those are fantastic. Vanilla is my go to, but you also have peppermint and lime. Yes… I have one of each!


What advice do you have regarding starting a business?

There are always challenges, whether it’s business related or challenges in your personal life, but our outlook is that challenges always bring success! It simply means that something greater is waiting on the other side as soon as you overcome the challenges and barriers that arise.


We are very passionate about self-care and make a conscious effort to take time out for ourselves, though this is never easy. We want others to understand the importance of this as well and perhaps start with the use of natural and vegan skin care and relaxation. We make a variety of natural and vegan skin care, bath products, and candles, so there is something for everyone in the family. We pride ourselves on not only the purity, but also the therapeutic value of our products. We want you to really pamper yourselves and take time to relax, knowing that our products are good for you and the environment! We are very passionate about our products and pay tremendous amount of detail to ensure our products meet the highest standards. All of our products are made in small batches and to order, to ensure freshness and optimal shelf life. We also wanted to create products that felt very expensive, without a hefty price tag, as we want as many people as possible to enjoy the products we have to offer. One thing we hope you’ll notice about our packaging is that it is very neutral. We do not want to brand or market ourselves to a specific gender or clientele; we want everyone to find something to enjoy!


Learn more about Harleen and her products.


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