Mickey Monthly is a monthly Disney-themed subscription box. They offer snack boxes, souvenir boxes, and combo boxes with a mix of both types of items! Mickey Monthly selects items from a large selection of WDW souvenirs and treats and now offers 2 subscriptions, both with their own size options (plus you can specify age and gender). The original Mickey Monthly is $19 or $39 (USD) per month. The Theme Park Edition is obviously Parks merchandise and ranges from $29.99-$199.99 (USD) per month.

Mickey Monthly, unlike a lot of subscription boxes from the United States, does ship to Canada. However, since I live so close to the border I ordered mine to ‘pic it up in Sumas’ to save money! I really don’t mind a 5-minute border hop to pick up items all the way from the Disney parks.

For my first order, I opted for the ‘fairy size’ theme park box choosing the options ‘female’ and ‘adult’.

The first note I have about this box is how fantastic the packaging is. Not only is it beautiful and fun, but all my items arrived safe and sound! I can’t bring myself to throw away the box so it’s become a new storage box for me during my move.

My box arrived with three different items.

Tigger Disney Mug

I LOVE this mug- it’s become my new favourite. Not only is it fun and whimsical (I love the little butterfly detail on the handle) but it is also a nice large size.

Fairy note pad

These have made their way to my desk at work. I work in marketing for a construction company and while I love my job, sometimes I feel like I loose the ‘feminine and fun’ aspect being around men all day. Being able to jot notes down on these makes it much better!

Coconut Patties

I have never been a huge fan of coconut but these were amazing!! I was slightly worried about how the food would arrive but they seem to choose items that travel very well.

While the items in the box don’t (and will never) add up to more than the cost of the box. They are Disney park-exclusive items which add a whole extra piece of value to them. When I received my box I had been having a super rough week. Even just opening it brightened my day and made me smile. Curling up that first night with my new mug and a coconut patty set me into a much better mood for the rest of the week.

I’m for sure a fan of this one.


*This post is not sponsored in any way by Mickey Monthly. The opinions expressed in this post are fully my own opinion. 

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