Local Feature: Hickling Cottage Crafts

I love finding unique local brands and items that fit into my distinctive, fun lifestyle and look. When I fit met Candy, the owner of Hickling Cottage Crafts, she was wearing a shirt with red buses on it. Right away I knew we would have the same fun outlook on life. I quickly fell in love with her quirky home decor products and outlook on life and running a business. So much so that I thought she should share it! Take a look at her amazing outlook below.


Do you know what a Quadrapus is?

Neither did I until I made one. His name is Neil and he has become somewhat of a mascot for me due to how much people fell in love with him. I like to describe my creations as fun home décor for the young at heart. Why can’t you have a toadstool pillow on your
couch or a gingham fish doorstop to hold open that door that does the creepy close! Some of Neil’s friends include, sleeping penguins, sheep, swans and a seagull named Eddy who
loves to wear his rubber boots all the time. Neil can be found holding new creations (like ice cream cone pillows) in product shots.

All of these quirky home décor pieces are what I enjoy creating and have struggled with in a craft market that is filled with trends you are supposed to follow if you want to make sales. I have been filled with doubt as to whether I should jump on the cacti bandwagon for the sake of sales because I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I have learned that you need to stay true to yourself and create whatever crazy idea comes into your head. There will always be someone out there that is looking for that original non trend item! Your kind of people are out there and they are looking for you.

Now don’t get me wrong, cacti are cute and let’s face it, you have to have items that are sure to sell to help meet your business goals, in short to make some money for all your hard work, but if you’re going to create that on trend item then think outside the box. Put your own twist on it to make it so unique that when you google cactus pillows your pillow idea hasn’t been done.This can be done and you can gain that target market but with your own stamp on it.

Stand out from the crowd, be true to your creative passions. Though small business fame seems a long ways off because you are not following trends, trust me your customers a re out there and they will find you . One day you will be the one creating the new must have item….. YOU set the trend.


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