When I think about my time in University my best experiences came from one of the three following things:
1. Working abroad in Indonesia
2. Being involved with the mental health advocacy at SFU
3. Joining my sorority, Kappa Beta Gamma

It’s been over a year and a half since I left the University life behind and I still talk about my sorority almost every day. My sisters grace the walls of my offices and remind me of how lucky I am every day. Greek Life comes with a bad reputation for some people and it drives me crazy. Being in sorority doesn’t mean hazing, conformity, and being a bitch. It means being part of an incredible network of women who value the same ideals.

Leadership Experience. It may not seem like serving on a sorority leadership board is a big deal but it truly does help develop leadership skills. Through my positions as  President, Vice President, Secretary, and Chair of Greek Council  I learned a thing or do about what it means to be a good leader (also the flaws I have in my leadership style). Now, managing my own team in my workplace is a breeze compared to 50 tired university students during exam season.

Time Management. I’ve always had great time management skills but Greek Life really taught me how to make the most of my time. Try balancing executive council, chapter meetings, social events, philanthropy events,  formals, recruitment, having a little sis, taking classes (or being a double major), working full time, running a non-profit, and finding ‘me time’. Tired just thinking about it? Well, I did that for over three years.

Philanthropy & Community Service. In 2011 I cofounded FOMI (faces of mental illness). I was so excited when my sorority chapter (Alpha Gamma of Kappa Beta Gamma) decided to make it their official local philanthropic organization. More than that I loved to get involved in other charities I would never usually be drawn to including Special Olympics.

Crafternoons.  I was never a crafty person until I had to start crafting for my littles. I fell in love with it! I am so grateful for Kappa for teaching me I can DIY- it has saved me alot of money as we’re redoing our space.

Academic Support & Encouragement. Between endless study nights and support I made it through my classes.

Social Life. I’m sure that you know all about this

Sisterhood. I would not be where I am today without the support of my sisters. My best friends came from my sorority. These are the girls who I can call at any time day or night and I know they’d drive out to see me in the blink of an eye. Sisterhood is more than just friendship- it’s a bond that connects me to the other amazing women of Kappa Beta Gamma.

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