As a little girl I always dreamed of being Cinderella or some other Disney princess and find my Prince Charming. But when I got older, I started to have mixed feelings about marriage. All little girls dream of a fairytale wedding, but it seems that these days very few actually get it.

Somewhere in my teenage years I swore off the idea of marriage. Being the strong, independent young woman I was, I was sure that even once I found the ideal partner that I wouldn’t need a piece of paper to prove that I would spend the rest of my life with him.

Whenever I have told people I never wanted to get married their answer was one of three; the first as ‘‘You just haven’t found the right guy yet’. I tried to explain to them that my choice not to get married wasn’t because I hadn’t found the right life partner but rather that I was scared that marrying someone would make me lose my independence. The tradition of marriage is based on the idea that a woman becomes property of the man. This thought terrified me.


The second answer I would get would be to question the example my parents marriage had set for me. Whenever I’ve mentioned the push against marriage, many people have thought I’ve come from a home with divorced parents. I haven’t. My parents are an ideal example of marriage, while they’re not perfect they’ve shown me that if you work together to fight obstacles you can overcome anything in your relationship.

The last comment I would get I’ve heard almost every time… ‘You’ll change your mind’. I hate to say it, but they were right

I’ve been so nervous to admit my views on marriage have changed, because I didn’t want people to think i’d lost any of my independence, or that they will be right on every girl who says it’s not for her. It wasn’t finding my current boyfriend or finally being at a different place in my life that changed my view- but rather my understanding of marriage and relationships changed as I got older.

I still don’t need a piece of paper to prove that I plan to stay in a relationship, or a wedding with vows in front of hundreds of people to let my partner know how much I care about him. However, I now understand a relationship is much more than just those things- it is intertwining yourselves into each others lives.


*Also- aren’t these photos fantastic! These are part of a collaboration shoot.

Photographer: Sasha Cooper
Photographer: Jasna Dzinic
Floral: Nicole Quigley
Hair: Michelle Proctor of Hair by Michelle Proctor                                                                 Makeup Artists: Julie + Betty of JnBbeautyStudio
Lash Artist: Stefani Chies
Sign: Pacific Coast DIY
Models: Diana Battung, Christine Jamieson, Asha Pras
Gowns: House of Vienna
Jewelry: Courtney Rai Dawn Handcrafted jewelry


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