1)  I respect my value and will charge for my time

2)  I will embrace the truth- even if it isn’t what I want to hear

3)  I know that every time I second guess my self I reduce my strength

4)  I am my own boss and don’t need permission or opinions

5)  It is my right to experience success

6)  I’m built from the best and I deserve success

7)  My candle doesn’t lose light by lighting another candle

8)  If I don’t like where I am- I have the power to change it

9)  I am the first investor in my business

10) I have the first & last opinion that matters in determining my value

11)   I do not have to compromise my relationship, family, or hobbies to be successful

12)  I don’t wait for success, I create my own opportunities.


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3 comments on “My 12 Laws of being A Woman in Business”

  1. These 12 Laws are great!! I love that you mention twice, the importance of trusting your own opinion and having the final say. This has been so crucial for me in starting my business and is something that I practice reminding my clients of too. At the end of the day, no one can make the big those decisions for you… Trusting yourself is everything. Thanks for sharing! xo

    • Thanks for reading! Yes! I strongly believe in trusting your own opinion – it is your career and you should follow what you believe in.

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